Development Meeting (2/17-2/18)

The IDS Search Development team met last Thursday and Friday to discuss comtinuing improvement to IDS Search, primarily focusing on questions received and back end improvements to the dashboard for scalability.

However, one of the most exciting topics (for me) were the findings of the most recent usability study.  One of our main concerns, in regards to the “out-of-the-box” design, is that any decisions are made on sound principals of design and backed up by testing.  The most recent usability study used a series of tasks and eye tracking to identify areas where IDS Search needed improvements.  In response, we’ve tweaked some design elements which will be undergoing a round of eye tracking to see if the changes addressed the issues the eye tracking team identified.

In addition, the team has been developing a strategy to get more information about IDS Search “out there.” This includes preparing and applying for posters and presentations over the next 6 months. As always, please feel free to post questions or requests to the IDSSearch-L list.  Currently, that is the best place for both, though we are hoping to have a more formal place for users to submit these types of requests.


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