IDS Search Statistics

Hello All,

Recently, you may have noticed some irregularities with the IDS Search statistics in the Dashboard.  We’ve had such an overwhelming reception and high usage (~3M searches since January 1, 2010!), the tool we initially built to monitor usage was getting clogged by the huge amount of data we as a project were generating.  Don’t worry:  we’ve been continually collecting data the entire time, even if the data wasn’t being displayed in the dashboard correctly.

The good news is:  any issue with the display of the statistics has been resolved.  In addition, we’ve added a few new reports to the dashboard.  Check them out!  Just remember:  if you’re using the new time-based reports, try using a larger unit of time than the report is trying to generate (e.g. if you’re trying to find out what day of the week IDS gets the most usage, try using last week or the current month, as opposed to the current week).


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